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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  July 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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much the state or local would pay on a pension payout. and it would be made to cover city and county workers as well as state employees. but nothing was agreed to buy lawmakers by the time it went on break friday. >> suffice to say that there is resistance. no one likes to give up what they currently enjoy. >> lawmakers have a different version of events. republicans say that they were ready to vote for the governor's plan and democrats tell us >> actually was not the legislature, the governor pulled back the bill. so, at our not action, he may have felt frustration because it was negotiating with a lot of parties. negotiating with labor ... >> and the governor did pull back in part because of questions about his plan to use the 401k as well as public money. and because he found the democrats countered hand fell far short of his goals. >> that is why has not been signed yet. i am the guardian of pension reform and i will get it done.
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>> once again, the governor comes face-to-face with the reality that sacramento is not necessarily ready to make the changes that he has called for. it puts his tax package at risk as well because unless he has something solid to show voters and he is not sure they will go for it and so far that reform remains a bit of an illusion until he can line up the votes and the support to get some real stuff done. >> thank you. >> new tonight, san francisco mayor ed lee as fighting words for his suspended sherrif, in a statement this afternoon the mayor said " enough is enough, but time has come for ross mirkarimi to begin dealing with the facts, his conviction and his probation impair his ability to perform the duties of sherrif, far below the standard of public officials and constitutes official misconduct. he went on to blast allegations that he perjured himself during the ethics hearing, that will determine whether he keeps his job.
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the mayor suspended the sherrif in march shortly after ross mirkarimi plead guilty to a misdemeanor for bruising his wife's arm during an argument. well, it may seem that the occupied movement is back but in fact, it never left. encampments are growing again on the streets of san fransisco. mike sugerman is here with what police are not rushing in to clear them out. >> his id history repeating itself? sort of. you can see over my shoulder, just as that truck goes by. and occupied encampment is again occupying the sidewalks of san fransisco. is it legal? that is a gray area. last january services to mayor ed lee moved in the police and evicted occupy san fransisco from there embarcadero home of five months. fast forward from those cold rainy winter months to the sunny summer and it is deja vu all over again. >> people never left. >> occupy san fransisco is not
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just back, and never left. but now it seems to be growing again >> as the police were marching off people were already rebuilding another kitchen and another library and already creating a new space. >> this encampment occupies space in front of the severance or branch of the federal reserve was monetary policy that protesters hate. it has been here off and on through the fall and winter months last year to .. what is different now? >> i think that the mayor has decided that this is a political demonstration and therefore the police need to lay off. >> not exactly. actually not at all. >> there is a violation, it is lodging and they can be cited for that. >> this officer says that such citations are complaint driven and so far there have been few, if any complaints. >> when we start getting complaints from public and officers will go out there and speak to the members that are currently out there. to find out what is going on. >> it came out and hosed down
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the sidewalk, occupy campers moved across the street until there were done and there were no violations handed out and at least one member of the group says that she will not accept any tickets. >> if you want to give me a ticket, give me a ticket but i'm not paying it. >> she believes in her right to be here and she is one of two dozen people who are in camp on the streets. no one seems to mind it, or no one has taken the time to complain if they do. so occupied is occupying an ad market and main street. >> it has become part of the daily fabric of the city. >> it really has. >> thank you. >> two young children fighting their father in court over the murder of their mother. years after the deaths of his estranged wife, details of the killing are being brought back to a bay area courtroom. joe vasquez is here with today's
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opening statements in court. >> i have to tell you that it was a bizarre sight. there was haunts riser in a prison jumpsuit, in shackles, representing himself as his own attorney and for the most part fumbling around. he trashed his wife's reputation while openly admitting that he killed her. >> he has been rambling at times, incoherent. >> this chronicle reporter wrote a book on the murder and criminal trial and says that this man is trying to convince a civil jury that he should not have to pay damages to his children for killing their mother because he claims that his wife was a bad mother. he claims that she had a psychological disorder that had her inflecting fake illnesses on her children for sympathy. in his opening statement this morning he cited no evidence whatsoever to the jury as he painted a confusing picture of his life. >> started out ok saying that he was a wonderful mother but then he went loose with a tirade, a laundry list of negatives about her.
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it certainly will not in your him before the jury. >> he admitted that he punched his wife in the face and strangled her back in 2006 and then hit her body in the oakland hills. after his conviction he made a deal with prosecutors where he led them to her body in exchange for a lesser sentence. a friend of hers testified today that the couple's two children ages 11 and 12 are living with relatives in russia and are still so traumatized by their mother's murder that they have even asked random americans about her. the attorney representing the children says that he expects to rest his case as soon as tomorrow with very limited testimony. >> the reason why we will not bring 20 witnesses as big as you do not need 20 witnesses in a case like this. when a young child goes running up to a group of american tourist to ask if they're looking for his mother, think that the jury will understand that. >> the children are being raised in russia by their maternal grandmother, can they are suing him for $15.2 million even though it is not clear whether he has any money at all. the belief is that he is a
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gifted computer engineer, and perhaps he might invent something while behind bars and just want to make sure that these kids are taken care of. >> thank you. in other bay area had lines, new details about the 15 year-old boy murdered near the oakland coliseum last night. he was recently chosen as one of 15 students to take part in the oakland fire department summer works program. his shooting death was the second in oakland in less than 24 hours. for people saved by smoke alarms in san jose after a pot of oil started a fire that damaged their home this morning. investigators say that the oil was left unattended on the stoves, after someone fell asleep. fortunately no one was hurt. police renewing their vow to remove dozens of squatters from kelley park after three suspicious fires overnight. the grass fires all started about the same time. 10 a. burned and other fires have been traced back to squatter camps near that park.
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and we are following a developing story out of the sierra foothills. a fire is burning your colfax in placer county. north of auburn. structures are threatened, some areas are being evacuated but look at the terrain. more than 70 a. burning in a canyon near the american river. steep and rugged making it difficult to fight it and hot dry conditions are not helping. so far no word on how the fire started. >> parts of northern california are baking for a second straight day and roberta is here with a hot spots. >> we have relative humidity dropping down to 9% to and from the east bay where we topped out at 1 04 in pleasanton and livermore. take a look at the tender to stand. 60 in half moon bay to 44 degrees warmer in the inland areas. check out the 87 degrees in san jose, that is just two degrees above average. the central bank was pleasant. fairfield 103 and antioch and
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the triple digits. low ninety's in santa rosa almost 10 degrees above normal. 92 degrees in san rafael. more heat and dry conditions and yet another spare the air day in effect for thursday. that pinpoint forecast coming up. >> thank you. the south bay was one of the places sizzling today. len ramirez continues our coverage now from there. you can just about draw a correlation between the temperature outside and the number of kids playing in the fountains here. and judging from the crowds today, it was pretty hot. >> with the sun glaring down and some cheers rising, in the water was a place to be. from the fountains in downtown san jose, to a city pool. on a day like today, the winter the better. >> we like coming to the pool especially in hot weather so that kids can relax. >> swimming pools are expensive to operate and on its own the
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city can no longer afford to staff them but instead of shutting them down for the summer is now run by a private company which charges for lessons and recreational swimming at $3 per kid, $4 for adults. >> the community gets an open facility, they get to have swimming lessons, we provide the same services that the city was providing before. >> if you cannot be near the water then shade and shades for the next best thing. >> i have my hat and shades on, so i'm equipped for the heat a little bit. >> we have to put up with it and the pragmatic that this is that time of the year. >> out but some of us had to work in the hot sun, like these construction workers. for them cold drinks are a lifeline. by 1:00 this afternoon they drank half a gallon each. >> if you do not drink enough water you feel dehydrated and that is bad for your body. and you feel dizzy, and you could say to. >> but the heat was just part of the uncomfortable mix of
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weather. dirty air stagnating in bay area bally's making this yet another spare the air day. things have cooled down just a fraction here in downtown san jose. it is actually getting kind of comfortable and you can see people out and join the evening. it should be a very comfortable evening but standing here next to the water, just hearing that sound of the water and the kid'' voices as the player around, meigs field more comfortable. >> to be young again ... >> ok, thank you. >> random check points, not for drunk driving. what bay area police were looking for when the pulled over cars today? >> i am ann noterangelo in oakland where the plans to build a buss rapid transit corridor has people wondering where they will park their cars. >> and a dolphin in the bay area waterway.,,,,,,,,
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>> ac transit wants to cut the commute times, but how? by giving some of their bosses their own express lane. ann noterangelo tells us why one group wants to put the brakes on that idea. >> ac transit things they have developed a system that will attract 11,000 new riders by 2016. but as you said not everyone is on board. >> we depend on people that park rate here and then occiput. >> he is concerned about how the proposed rapid transit corridor would affect his clothing store. the plan would mean taking out parking spaces on international boulevard. >> when people park, they look out the window and they think about issues. and then if you take that space,
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it is storm to be harder for people to look at a product. >> although it does remove some parking spots, we do believe that the benefit outweighs the parking lots and we have mitigated every way we can. >> the plan is to put a light rail system on wheels with dedicated lines in the middle of the street for buses to flow smoothly. they say that it will cut 20 minutes of bus travel time between oakland and san leandro >> the rapid transit project provides a much more reliable public transit experience. >> to build a four-lane stretch of international boulevard would be reduced to one of vehicle traffic in each direction. ac transit says that where they eliminate parking, they will build a parking lot nearby. >> how you feel about parking your car and walking a block or to? >> i would not like that. i do not like walking too far. >> this is the wrong thing for international boulevard. >> this retired architect 6 the
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bus everyday. she originally supported the plan but now believes it is being forced on international boulevard because businesses don't have a voice. they're not organized like merchants on telegraph avenue in berkeley where they stop the project from going down there streets and she says they're not the only once silenced. >> seniors and people with mobility problems have been opposed to this. but they're not very well organized. they don't listen to their voices very much. >> the next at in this project is to get the cities to sign on so that next week the city council in san leandro and oakland will be voting on this issue. >> thank you. >> gasoline prices in the bay area are falling fast. we're talking double digits. according to aaa prices at the pump fell 38ยข in the past month. the bay area average for a gallon of regular is now $3.86. drivers in san fransisco pay $3.88. it is $3.77 an oakland and $3.69
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in san jose, the national average is $3.38. to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood log onto >> california bureau of automotive repair has been doing random smog testing stops in the east bay this week. today they were in pleasantville, drivers are flagged down by the chp and asked to participate in a voluntary roadside inspection. the state agency says that the testing helps gauge the effectiveness of the every other year tests as well as monitoring the testers who may be improperly passing vehicles. >> a bottle nose dolphin is taking a swim near sfo. it was spotted in a slew north of the airport this morning. the marine mammal center tells us that the dolphin is not trapped and that this is not unusual behavior. as for food, it is swimming in natural seawater so there are fish in absolute. >> when i got here he was making
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small circles behind the water processing plants. maybe he was hunting, i'm not sure. now he is doing big labs, a few hundred yards at a time and slowly inching out to the day. >> the dolphin is in a slew so thebased on distinctive cars and scratches they believe that they have seen this often before down in monterey. >> a shortage of small fish may be to blame for an abundance of starving young pelicans. brown pelican fledglings have been spotted up and down the california coast. san and weak from hunger. they feed on small baitfish like anchovies and sardines but for some reason those fish are in very short supply right now. so far no adult pelicans seem to be starving and that is likely because they're able to hunt for their out to sea. and an elderly sacramento woman is ok after being trapped in her home by toppled tree today. a 30,000 lb. oak actually split
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into three and fell. it did not hit the woman but it locked her in. crews cut up the tree and experts say the fallen tree is he related. >> never knew that he could bring down a tree. >> absolutely especially if the roots are very dry. and the ground is awfully dry. we had a huge a spectrum of colors on the map. let me show you what i mean. this indicates that we had a wide variety of temperatures across the bay area, from the coast to the inland areas. 44 degree temperatures than from pacifica, where this 60. livermore 103. fairfield 87 degrees in san jose, low ninety's to the north. 71 degrees in san francisco up from the average high. this is dramatic. can you see that right there? that fog making its way up and over the golden gate bridge, saturating the day, bringing down the temperature there. right now san fransisco 65
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degrees with an onshore push. it west wind up to 20 otherwise across the bay 71 degrees in oakland compared to 101 in livermore and 92 degrees in santa rosa. if you're heading to pleasanton, 103 at this hour for the wednesday festival. let's see what impact the fog will have on our forecast? not much. look at tomorrow morning, just san fransisco, south san francisco, daly city. baxter half moon bay, overcast skies but then the clouds back off to the open waters and everyone enjoys more ample sunshine. but we do have high-pressure beginning to move out to ever so slightly. so the center comes down gradually but the damage is done, unhealthy levels of ozone in atmosphere especially the eastern portion of the district. lacking the winds to mixup that air. to matures very mild overnight. '50s and '60s with daytime highs tomorrow in the '50s and '60s along the beaches. mid-90s in morgan hill and up to
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100 east of the day and north of the bay we're talking up to 91. the full 7 day forcast straight ahead. >> the governor's signature means help for 1 million californians. the new protections for struggling homeowners. >> something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. ,,,,,,,,
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>> california homeowners now have some of the strongest foreclosure protections in the country. today the governor signed the home owner bill of rights. the landmark measure outlaw's what is known as dual track. that is where one arm of a bank is working on a loan modification with a homeowner while another is foreclosing on
6:24 pm
them. banks are now required to provide troubled homeowners with a single point of contact. the new will also means tougher penalties for robotic signing. >> we're done with wrote signing and false promises, we're done with the runaround. >> the new law takes effect january 1st and it is estimated 1 million california homeowners are currently in foreclosure or behind on their mortgage payments. >> google is being told to search again. they cannot build an apartment complex near its mountain view headquarters and the main reason is of birds. cool wants to build 1000 apartments on a plot of land north of highway 101 to house workers from all over the world. mountain view said " no because the plot of land is one of the last bits of open space in the city and they say it is a crucial habitat for birds. supporters of the beach shall lay soccer fields in golden gate park are finally getting their wish.
6:25 pm
the plan to outfit those fields with synthetic grass and lighting was approved. construction should begin next fall with the help of a multimillion-dollar donation, they expected to be finished the following summer. >> dozens of lucky military brides getting the star treatment in the bay area. john ford explains how they did designer gowns for free. >> brittany and her father are shopping for a wedding gown. her future husband is in the air force. and because of that military connection, britain will not need to pay a dime for her down. >> it was kind of shocking that we can actually get a free dress, for being a military bride. >> a net owns his and her formal wear in brentwood, she and a friend it teamed up with brides across america, a charitable organization helping young military families get started. >> having a son in the navy, our
6:26 pm
family history of military service, and the obvious patriotism to anyone that knows us, it was just the thing to do. >> after trying on a dozen dresses, success. dad and daughter are finally happy. the price is right also. theresa's husband is not in the military but she gets a free down because? >> i am a sergeant in the army reserve. >> she picked out a down that would have cost over $1,000 but now she too will have a wedding of her dreams. >> some people think it is too good to be true and if you need to qualifications, it is true. >> the give away is good until tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.. they have nearly 80 gowns left and brittany says her challenge now is to keep it hidden until the wedding day. >> if we had a civil ceremony after we graduated basic and then we'll have our actual wedding in march.
6:27 pm
>> politicians purses the papparrazzi. the incident that prompted a bay area lawmaker to say that camera men and women are crossing the line. >> what mitt romney said that group booing from the crowd? >> for the sixth time in three >> for the sixth time in three ,,,,,,,,
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>> breaking news in the sierra foothills where a fire is still growing in placer county and forcing evacuation's. nedda iranpour in colfax with the latest. any idea how big this fire is now? >> the latest word is that a fire has grown to 200 a. so it is certainly a fast-moving fire and we're here at the command center. you can see that they're mapping an all-out, trying to plan their plan of attack. * deputies and chp blocking off some of the rose. this fire is now burning along the american river in an area called shirttail canyon and it is burning up hill. up to iowa hill. a small community in the
6:31 pm
foothills, a few dozen homes threatened right now in the path of a fire, it is not moving fast because of the wind, it is moving fast because the humidity is down to the single digits. extremely dry. blowing through the brush very quickly. there are a couple evacuation centers in place. those are few dozen homes are an immediate threat. they do have air tankers out on this one and that will be the best way to attack this. they have five helicopters and 20 engines here on the scene. that is 250 firefighters currently working this and there are a few huge fires in callusa county right now. tying up a lot of the fire crews. but they're still able to bring crews on scene using mutual aid so firefighters from all over the state are headed towards this region as they try to get a handle on this but as of right now 250 a. and a few dozen homes currently being threatened and it is called the robbers a fire. we will stay on scene to bring
6:32 pm
you the latest information. >> thankyou. >> the papparrazzi have been following celebrity is forever. but lately some very different public figures are finding themselves in the spotlight. some say it is going too far. priestly is here on the new trend of reality politics. >> a new trend that we're seeing. they may not have seen this coming. right now gop members accuse democrats of going too far by capturing video of private moments. as one media professor points out, they may have brought it on themselves. >> it is raw footage of celebrities for the world to see. that is kanye west frustrated by the papparrazzi and after a cameraman and bombs the mother of miley cyrus, she lashes out.
6:33 pm
whether it is tmz, uploaded to youtube or posted by someone else, reality tv has become common fodder for an eager audience and now is coming to the political arena says the seventh disco state broadcast media professor. >> what better way to make political news more exciting than by providing reality footage of day-to-day activities? >> cadidates expect their every move to be recorded at public events but there's a group of democratic staffers who are targeting gop members at home. a group called colorado fair share try to tack down mike kaufman. >> i guess he's not home, >> this is video posted online of the congressional candidate home in lodi. and cameras following him on campus at uc-berkeley lock. but what has the canada fired up is video that was uploaded of his parents' home in san joaquin county. >> what is most disturbing about one of the videos was that it
6:34 pm
went in front of my parents' home, and i think that family members should be off-limits, i think that we all agree with that. and, you know, they committed illegal trespass by coming onto private property. it is something i did not appreciate and if you watch that video, what they're trying to do is criticize and disparage my family's immigrant success story saying that the success or was not earned. and i think that we need to be celebrating first-generation american success stories. >> fair or not, he says the republicans may have brought it on themselves when they sent camera carrying insurance superpacs a congressman from north carolina in 2010. >> it is not ok, from an ethical standpoint it is wrong. but that does not stop people because the reality is that there is an audience for its >> while there may be a voyeuristic drop to some of this footage, the professor points out that there is a real curiosity for some constituents
6:35 pm
to see who they're voting for, when the cancer not wearing makeup and dressed perfectly and an outside of the created tv moments of this sounds like this may be the new reality for political candidates. >> in makes you wonder where it will stop. thank you. >> i'm bored to eliminate every non-essential expensive program i can find including obama care and i will work to reform and saved ... >> presidential candidate mitt romney took some heat at the naacp convention today when he talked about repealing the president's health-care law. the chair of the national board says that the members objected to the term " obama care ". mitt romney is trying to win black voters and points out that the unemployment rate among african americans is well above the national average. >> the unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income, median family
6:36 pm
wealth, there are all worse in the black community. >> the president is skipping the convention, he is sending vice president joe biden in his place. >> san bernadino becomes the third california city in less than two weeks to file for bankruptcy. the city council voted last night in favor of filing chapter 9. san bernadino facing a $45 million deficit and soon they're not going to be able to pay city workers. >> we will defer debt payments, so that we can make payroll, and apply-to more immediate concerns. >> the city blames the shortfall on less revenue from property taxes as well as labor union agreements and pension costs. critics blame the mayor for mismanaging money by farming pet projects. a murder mystery involving a british billionaire, the unexplained death of one of the
6:37 pm
world's richest women. >> a wild police pursuit,,,,,,,, attacking a priest
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
to he says molested him as a child. will not face another trial. a jury acquitted him last week on two felony counts in the 2010 beating. but it hong appeare >> in london say that the family of one of the world's richest women may have lived with her dead body for up to one week before investigators found it. officers are now standing guard outside of the mansion of the
6:40 pm
american-born. is not clear exactly how she died. she and her husband have long battled drug addictions. police arrested him on drug charges. >> a chase through the los angeles area yesterday. he was under investigation for allegedly molesting at least one of he has been a teacher with a loss angeles unified school district for the past eight years. his girlfriend of 20 years says that she could not be more surprised by the allegations. >> i am devastated, please respect my privacy and give me space. >> police say that another scene has also come forward with similar allegations. >> what she is doing for others at the same time she indoors her
6:41 pm
own treatment? >> after highs all the way up to 104, we're still in the triple digits and threats the eastern portion of the bay area, these are the current temperatures. get a good look at them. we'll talk about the day the cooling begins in the pinpoint forecast. but first here is vernon with sports. >> straight ahead, serena williams first match since wimbledon. right here in the bay area, and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> in this week's jefferson award winner is not letting cancer treatment slow her down. in fact she is still doing everything that she can to help others in the same situation. >> it is the move to improve class at bayview hunters point ymca. and stretching alongside a for classmates is gail bishop. fate 12 you're breast cancer survivor. it is hard to believe that this was gail the day before.
6:45 pm
at a hospital getting her fourth round of chemotherapy. >> i not a person to sit around and say " i have breast cancer ... ". >> she was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. more questions that she had about the disease, the more she realized there was not enough resources in her community. >> i wanted to know why we, as african-american women, why we did not want to talk about this disease. >> so 12 years ago she found the first chapter of the sisters network right here in the bayview. it is part of the national organization for african american breast cancer survivor is. >> i wanted an organization where, yes we would do things that can help us grow. it things that can help us teach us how to eat better. teach us that we need to exercise. things, mentally, that we can do
6:46 pm
to help ourselves. >> in addition to weekly support meetings she teamed up with michael bennett and the a few ymca. together they have held health there's an education class is in block walks to raise awareness. >> they started coming and getting involved with the ymca, starting to come to nutritional glasses. they started exercising. >> margie has been miguel since the beginning. >> the sisters network gives you an opportunity to meet other women, to be encouraged that there is life after the diagnosis. >> you only have to look to the chapter president to understand. >> she gives hope. she is inspiration. that you can keep living. >> there are so many women that have so many different issues. and i know that you cannot save the world, but if we can just get some of it, we're doing
6:47 pm
something. >> so for helping women in her community understand their disease and creating a way to support them through their treatment, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to gail bishop. >> to nominate your local heroes for jefferson award online at, click on the connection button at the top of the page and then " jefferson awards " to find the email nomination form. >> we will find out how small this little heat wave is. >> i have discipling plans today but i blew that out and went to a swim. and i was the only one there. it was going to be 104 degrees, and that is what we had today. let's take a look at some of those notable numbers in and around the microclimates. let's say, a 44 degree temperatures span from pacifica at 62 livermore. 104 degrees. 103 in fairfield and in the 90s
6:48 pm
from sandra fell back through sonoma and glen ellen. 87 degrees in san jose which is spot on for this type of the year. look at the fog and low clouds pass up and over the golden gate bridge and moving into the bay. west win between 10 and 20, knocking back the san fransisco temperature 10 degrees in the past 60 minutes. otherwise redwood city has gone up eight degrees in the past 60 minutes due to a lack of the wind. 92 degrees in santa rosa and still in the triple digits and livermore and also right there in dublin looking at mt. diablo. on a hazy side with unhealthy levels of ozone in the atmosphere. very dry conditions. currently relativity 12%. officials sundown 8:33 p.m.. otherwise still hot tomorrow in the inland areas. a seasonal weekend as far as temperatures are concerned. the one thing that i want to illustrate is that it will be slightly cooler tomorrow. it just slightly.
6:49 pm
these are the forecast highs for thursday. 67 degrees in san fransisco and 80 degrees in san jose. these numbers are basically 1 degrees of the current market. high-pressure will start to slip in an eastward direction and as it does so, midwest and east coast begins to heat up again. as far as we're concerned, tomorrow will be the third consecutive spare the air day. and primarily east of the bay we will feel the effects. the air looks kind of chunky. never a good thing when you see the air that you grieve. a little bit of a tinge in the atmosphere due to a lack of a breeze. the wind will blow out of the west between 10 and 20 m.p.h. tonight, los dropping down to the '50s and '60s but we lack the wind. we will top off at 97 agrees with west wind at 5 in morgan hill. 82 in fremont, 57 degrees in half moon bay and triple digits to the east. 88 degrees in napa: all it to
6:50 pm
the low ninety's in sonoma and 67 san fransisco. the extended forecast, you will feel the difference inland by friday.
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>> the deal that sent a at a forward to philadelphia has turned into a three team deal. according to several reports the warriors landed a point guard for the hornets. he is insurance for staff curry in the backcourt and casey as ankle issues. last year in new orleans the average was over 50 points and six assists. this guy is not some company robot. he has an edge. he called out ray allen on twitter saying that he was a trader for signing with the heat. in tennis, a true david vs. goliath match up at stanford between the wimbledon champion serena williams and the wild card and nicole gibbs also from stanford. she hopes to receive strength from her stanford teammates. >> i still really have not processed everything that is happening right now. >> the junior at stanford won her first match yesterday for a chance to face serena williams.
6:54 pm
in her career she has always faced two players in the top on hundred and now she gets a 14 time major champion. >> i am in all of her. she is one of my idols growing up. i was her ball girl once when i was 12 years old. so, i sink that i spoke to her briefly in the locker room. i practiced with her sister and we got to hit with them for five minutes. it was the best in my life at the time. >> did you know that she was the ball girl for serena williams? >> i did not know that but that is funny. quite an upgrade to be on the other side of the net. >> mallory burnett is her teammate who also won her opening match yesterday. in may she beat her to win the n.c.a.a. singles title. something that is still a little bittersweet. >> i actually took a little time away from the team room and try to give some space after the match and then i remember her coming outside and find me and
6:55 pm
saying " you know that i don't bite ". >> 80 minutes later they team up and won the doubles title. a first in n.c.a.a. history. >> there was no way that we will let the singles match get in the way of us clang as well as we could in the doubles. >> on the horizon is the decision to go professional but for now both are love and life at school. >> we spend a lot time together on and off the court i enjoy it and otherwise it would not do it. >> at some point we got into some cement gets here at stanford. >> here is a tale of this tape between sirena and kids. serena williams has made $30 million in prize money and gives has only made zero. her famous sister is venus, gibbs, everyone in her sorority. per fordgives drives a borrowed beach cruiser. it just finished late this afternoon.
6:56 pm
serena williams and the bright yellow, gives it in your court. boy, got her on the run. and got a point. not enough. watch her blast that return. serena williams wins this 6/2, 6/1. that handshake was the first interaction since she was a ball girl. she is currently playing doubles. the sharks have signed mark edward to a five-year contract extension. also announced an affiliation with the new san fransisco bulls. that is a hockey franchise that will open up in october at the cow palace. it means the sharks can stockpile their prospects right there in daly city on the bulls roster. speaking of the bulls. not geneva street, today was the fifth day of the running of the bulls in spain. no major injuries reported out of thousands of people there. as the halftime bulls barrel down the narrow streets.
6:57 pm
the festival ends on saturday. finally, this fissure woman caught more the issue was expecting a fishing off the pier in myrtle beach south carolina. >> it is a shark! >> keep wheeling ... i got that on camera! >> wow, the 5 lb. fish was eaten by a bull sharks. can you imagine? they are just casting a little wine and then all of a sudden it is a bull shark. >> myrtle beach. >> they sounded like they were from boston. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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